Monday, August 22, 2005

Chopping Broco....lye (all you Dana Carvey fans will understand)

I forgot to add that Luke ate broccoli for the first time today and he seemed to like it. He's also really liking cheese quesadilla's and anything sweet. It's funny to see his face when we feed him icecream. He winces from the cold on his tongue, but he adjusts quickly to the temps. I had a great evening with my mom, hubby and son tonight for dinner. The perfect little birthday dinner. Low key and impromptu. I got the sweetest cards from Jason and Luke. Luke's had a monkey on it and Jason's was more sentimental. He wrote a very sweet "letter" inside about how much our lives have changed in 8 years of marriage and how we both are better people because of the other. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful, christian husband. He really has his head screwed on straight. I love my sweet boy too. He's so smiley and happy all the time. Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya'll about this awesome bargain I got today at the Allen Upscale Resale shop. A pair of very gently worn Ked's baby tennis shoes, Luke's size for $1.50. I love getting such great bargains. I've learned when it comes to kids clothes don't buy new. Used is most definitely the way to go because they just spit up and spill things on them. Well...I'm retiring for the evening. I'm 33 now, I'm too old now to stay up past 9 pm. Tah Tah for now!


Brooke Stone said...

We are very fortunate to have wonderful husbands aren't we!
I love, love, love to see him eat icecream...that needs to be video'd and sent in to Americas Funniest Videos!

Anonymous said...

33! My you ARE old! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Can you believe we are 33? Uggg...I still feel 17...well sort of. :)
You've learned an important lesson about purchasing little people's clothes. Not only do the spill everything on them but they out grow them in a week. Or at least it seems that way.
I too buy second hand for all of his play clothes. And if I purchase new...ONLY the sale Items do I purchase. Walmart and Target are my best well as Foley's Red Apple sale.
This Blog this is a great idea...I think I'll try it out too.
I'm a little slow on current technology with two little ones under my feet and a husband in Kuwait I don't have much time to catch up on things.

PS...I love the cake picture.