Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Luke & I

Happy 13 month birthday to Luke Elijah! Happy 33rd birthday to mommy. She's exactly 383 months older than me today. Today, Luke got his chickenpox, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. The pediatrician said Luke is right on track in all areas developmentally and otherwise for his age. Yeah God! We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed our lives with Luke Elijah. He brings us so much joy and laughter. The new words he's speaking right now are, "Bye" (arm raised and waving) "Beau" (his newest little cuz) and "Ball". That's a lot of "b" words. He is doing really good at saying, Momma, Dada and Nana. We're still working on GranDee, Uncles Mike and Jeff and Aunt Brooke and Auntie Amber. In due time, I guess. Anyway, not too much to report today. It's hot as usual here in TX. I'm ready for sweaters, chili and hockey. Maybe a little snow thrown in so Luke can build his first snowman. All in all, we're grateful to be alive with another day before us to serve God through serving others.

I have a very important prayer request I would like to add to today's blog. My best friend Heather's father, Charles is stricken with cancer. He is bleeding internally and the Dr's. cannot seem to stop the bleeding. He's fighting for his life. My prayer is for the Sherrard and Lee family. If it is God's will that he spare Charles' life we would be most grateful. If HE so chooses to take Charles home I ask that Charles will not be in any pain. Be with JJ (Charles' wife) as she is facing possibly living life without her dear husband of 45 years. We are confident the Lord will work a miracle if that is his will. We stand in faith as we await God's plan. Thank you for your prayers.


Amber said...

Yeah Luke- the big 13months!! BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Heather!! Hey girl- I have your birthday gift. I will run it by tonight. See ya soon.

Heather said...

No prob. Jason, Mom, Luke and I will be going to dinner around 5ish to Tx Land & Cattle. We should be home by 7:30pm. I would think. Don't put yourself out, I see from your blog you've got lots of things going on today with Baby Beau. Take care of my little nephew and if you need any help. Let me know.

Brooke Stone said...

We are officially OLD! I can't believe it! Doesn't seem possible. Glad to hear that you had a good b-day dinner, wish I could have been there!
Little Lukey is getting big too! That blows my mind the most!
Love you guys!

Jaime said...

Luke.....WOW! Sorry I have never gotten a chance to meet you but your mom told me all about you. Happy Birthday. I am on my way to Kosovo this January and will be away for 6 months....maybe I can find something nice for you while I am there. Tell your mom to e-mail me at military account is for business only....I check my personal account all the time. Happy Birthday agai from your Uncle Jaime

Dawn Robertson said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Thanks for sharing your family's blog with me. We should get together soon and have lunch!

P.S. Looks like a fun time cleaning the birthday cake off of Luke. At least it's summer and you can take him outside to hose him off if need be! haha