Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend wrapup....

Sorry no pic's from the weekend. We were SO busy though, appt's, friends over for dinners/lunches, cookouts, birthday parties, etc....

I went with my friend to purchase school supplies for her 3 kids. Holy macaroni, I cannot believe the very specific supplies list from the local school districts. I do not ever remember having to get "quadrille graph paper". Honestly, I don't even know what that is. Also, when did kindergartners need index cards, highlighters, composition books and 6 spiral bound notebooks. All I remember from kindergarten supplies in 1977 was having to have the paper with the dashed lines on it for writing practice...or was that for first grade. Either way, the list wasn't TWO PAGES long. Crazy! A person can go broke with all the supplies needed these days to get a "proper" education. Does anyone think the school districts are getting any "kickbacks" from Mead and Papermate? Hmmm....I wonder!

I am SO EXCITED that my sister and my niece Emery are going to be here next weekend! I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and I'm missing them greatly. We're going to have so much fun catching up and eating Pho'. (My sister and I always have to visit our obligatory Vietnamese Restaurant Pho' Que Huong for some rocking noodle bowls and spring rolls). Sis, I found one in Frisco. Plus, I want to introduce her to Gelato, of course.

One more week until Luke starts school. I am SO ready for summer to be over. That includes the frippin' 120 F temp's. It is this time every year where I say to myself, "why the H.E.double hockey sticks do I live here?". Only in Texas can it be 120 F day and snowing the next.

In other news, I'm enjoying helping in our churches Tower Coffee Shop...hopefully soon to be renamed to HE Brews....It's a blast making frozen latte's, frappuchino's and the like. I am truly blessed by being able to serve in this capacity 3 Sunday's a month. It's fun and I get to meet so many new people as well as create some truly decadent smoothies.

One more funny, before I end for today's post. Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave early for church to open the coffee shop. I was scurrying around to get Luke's clothes on and him ready so that all daddy would have to do was put him in the car and go. We were in his room. I'd stripped him of his night time pull-up (yes, he still has pee pee accidents during the night). I had put on his shirt and other than that he was standing there butt naked. I was trying to get him to put on his big boy underwear when I notice him "fiddling with his vittles" very uh.....aggressively. I calmly said, "what are you doing son?" Matter-of-factly he replied, "I'm dancing with my penis Mommy". Ok, I about lost it laughing but instead I maintained my composure and said, "Honey, we don't need to dance with our penis." His reply, "Okay". Boys, always creating fun conversations for Mommy's and Daddy's. You gotta love him.

Ok, one more VERY IMPORTANT thing. If you want to laugh check out this video. It is 6minutes long but WELL WORTH it. Have a great laugh (Thanks Tammy)

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

OH, I almost forgot to tell on the link to the left that's for Courtney Warren's Come Together Cards business. She has a precious card/invitations biz. Holly, I think you'd really be fond of her designs. She's also the wife of a classmate of mine, Joel Warren from the band Forty Days. Please support her business. Us Mompreneur's have to stick together. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

"I love Jesus, but I drink a little." That's hilarious!!!!
I totally agree about summer being over! And I'm excited that Luke and Noah get to be classmates again! See you next week.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the school supplies. It's crazy what they ask for these days. Oh...those tablets...were called Big Chief Tablets. And we also had to have those big fat Red Pencils. And giant Red Rubber Erasers. But, that's it you have to buy the soap, hand sanitizer, tissues and paper towels. ??? WTF?


Anonymous said... the name "HE Brews". WHo thought of that one...YOU? That is totally cool, they should do it.

Have you opened your Mad Housewife wine yet? Because, you know that I know that you love Jesus but you drink a little....H`1

Jim and Jami said...

Love the new blog is so Jake pics at the Circus.....