Friday, August 15, 2008

Conversations I wish would last forever...

This is just adorable. One of those precious moments with your child that you wish you could bottle up and keep forever.

It started this morning when Luke crawled in bed with me after Jason had left for work.

He snuggled down right next to my face and began this conversation:

Luke: Hi, Mommy...where's daddy...oh yeah, he's not here...he's at work.

Me: (half asleep) Uh-huh!

Luke: That's okay, Luke Rice is here, and I'll protect you.

Me: Okay

Luke: Yeah, me and the angels and Jesus.

Luke: We should pray. I'm going to pray, ok?

Me: Okay

Luke: Dear Jesus, thank you for this day...protect us with the angels and Jesus, Amen.

Me: I hugged him and said, Oh, sweetie that was such a beautiful prayer.

Luke: You like it Mommy?

Me: Yes, I loved it.

Luke: Now I gonna give you a kiss. (leans down and smooches my cheek)

Me: Ah, thank you... mommy loves Luke's kisses.

Luke: Ah, you liked it. You did smiley face.

Luke: Ok mommy, the sun's not sleeping anymore so it's time to get up. Get up mommy, okay?

It was such a precious little moment. I just love that boy. I wish he could stay little forever.



Jenster said...

So precious...

My "little" boy is 16 now and oh how I miss those days. But don't lose hope because big kids come with their own charms. Really! I'm not lying!

The Iveys said...

That is adorable!! I cannot wait to have those with Caden! Such a precious memory.

Perez Family Spot said...

awww...luke! I am trying to imagine this conversation with his new voice and big boy words. Tristan says the same thing about the faces. He notices what I feel by the face or eyes I make. How smart are they? When does Luke start school? T and S are 9/8.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...that is such a sweet story. I love those special moments. Children truely are a blessing.



that was too sweet.


Blueeyes said...

Sweet Memories are Great! Luke is a cute little man!