Monday, August 11, 2008

The highs and lows of life..

Yesterday was hard, Jason was a pallbearer at our dear friend Margaret's funeral. Although, I'm glad to know she is with Jesus and cancer/pain-free, it is still sad for those of us left here on earth. I cannot imagine the pain and loss that Larry, her husband is feeling losing his spouse. I cannot imagine the pain that Russell her son is experiencing with his first baby on the way. Nor, can I imagine the pain Becky, her daughter is feeling as she and her husband just had Margaret's first grandbaby 11 days before she died. I do not have an answer as to why God allows situations such as cancer to take people from this life. I DO know the Lord is Sovereign and everything little detail fit's into HIS plan for us. He uses every circumstance to draw people to Him. Whether we understand it or not. My prayer is for Margaret's loved one's who are left behind. Her parents Buford and Louise, her husband Larry and her son/daughter Russell and Becky. Margaret, you made such an impact on so many people's lives. Personally, had you not had Russell I would not have met Jason and we would not have had Luke. Thankyou for your life and service to other's, may you rest in peace and dance on the streets of gold. We all know how you love to dance. You are already missed by many.

On a lighter note, it was nice to be invited over for dinner tonight at Lisa's house (you'll remember she's our Extreme Home Makeover recepient from last week) Dinner was delicious and I thought I'd show a couple pic's that were taken.

Busy week ahead, hope everyone is doing well.



Perez Family Spot said...

Chica, my life is FULL of "highs" and lows!! But one great thing about it is that I have you as my amiga to be there as the one who will give me the most honest and trustworthy advice. I appreciate all of our time we spend and the talks we have and the wine we drink and the haircolor and makeup ect, ect, ect.

See ya manana at PPP!

tripntwinmom said...

Those moments are always hard to take in and understand. I hope that you find comfort in your faith as you work through this tough time.

Thoughts and prayers with you tonight.