Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Trickery is when I'm the one that planned the "girl's night out" to see, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 movie, and THEY turn it into a surprise birthday party for ME.

I am never surprised, but I must say when I arrived at Starbucks and my gal pals were all sitting there and said, "SURPRISE!", I truly was. I was supposed to JUST be meeting Lori, for coffee BEFORE the movie.

So, with all their Strategery (Bush-ism) they managed to pull one over on me.

My best bud Heather made the "pants" cake. She's so creative. I made everybody kiss my butt. Even a total stranger (man sitting reading his book) He was a good sport and I even gave him a piece of my butt cake. I just told him not to tell his wife that he went to Starbucks tonight and got a piece of @$$.

I had a blast, they showered me with fun gifts and afterwards we all went to see the movie, which ROCKED!!! Keira we missed you at the movie, but thanks for coming to the pre-party bash. You brought sexy back (wink)

Thanks to all the girls who came. I had so much fun! I have the bestest girlfriends in the entire world.

Love ya'll,

P.S. Next time could ya let me know you're going to surprise me, so I can put on makeup and not have a bad hair day. (wink)


Perez Family Spot said...

Looks like fun chica! Wish I was there.

Amber Ivey said...

That was hilarious! I love the guy that you got in the fun! I was thinking, that guy looks like a total stranger! (I saw the pics before reading the posting)...Super Fun! You do have some great girl pals! Happy Early Birthday! :)

Anonymous said... the pic of Keira with her hair slicked back. She looks totally cool and scheek. She needs to put on a black dress, red lipstick and strut to Robert Palmers, "Addicted to Love". She has the moves to do it!

AlemanClan said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe Heather made that cake. I didn't know she had it in her. It looks like you had a great birthday. Happy late Birthday by the way!

Trina said...

Happy birthday sweet friend!!!!!! I hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating!!! I love the cake and the surprise the girls pulled on you! Love you birthday girl!!

Andie said...

well happy birthday! :)