Monday, July 21, 2008

It struck me as funny....

First let me start off by saying, "I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST THE RESTAURANT, HOOTERS!". This just struck me as funny.

I was pulling out of the church parking lot this morning after dropping off Luke at Vacation Bible School.

In front of me is this lady driving a SUV with TWO Hooter's bumper stickers on the back. One said, "I Love Hooters" and the other one said, "Hooters Make Me Happy".

Now, I can eat Hooters wings with the best of them (my fav's are the HOT one's) it just struck me as funny seeing a lady, pulling out of a church parking lot with those bumper stickers on her car.

Spectitular sight to behold....(pun intended)



The Iveys said...

That's great! In a weird, ironic, not so cool way 'great'...I personally love the people with Jesus stickers on their cars and they flip you off and have serious episodes of road rage!

Perez Family Spot said...

What doesn't strike me as funny? Waiting in line and chaos picking up my child in the sanctuary, while getting run over by a stroller.

Tristan wants to know if Luke has "Octopus Prime"? (Tristans words)

Julie said...

This is nothing against you, Heather, but something against a company that objectifies women.

I don't know how any self-respecting woman could ever darken the doorstep of a Hooter's.

Never been there, never will - even if they had the best food in the world!!

That being said, I still love ya Heather, and still consider you the Cool Jewelry Lady!!! ;)

Perez Family Spot said...

When are you posting Lukes B-day pix? I can't wait to see them!

BTW, leave me and my new husband alone. We are in love! lol...

Andie said...

ha! I really don't like hooters. LOL I always feel horrible the next day!