Tuesday, July 29, 2008

God is in the details....

I wanted to drop a quick line to let everyone know how little man is doing after his tonsil removal surgery Friday. This weekend was rough, he slept mostly. Friday he was really incoherent as the anesthesia wore off and he started to feel "un-numb". He ran a low grade fever thru Sat. Then Sat., he seemed to be more respondant to trying some jello. Red was his favorite flavor. Then, he discovered applesauce. How a 4 year old can survive on applesauce (multiple mini-cups) for 2 1/2 days is beyond me. He's never gotten sick and vomited like they assured me he most likely would do. God is in the details....He's also decided that he doesn't want any popsicles or icecream. I don't understand this, but I'm not questioning. In the meantime, mommy and daddy are making up for his lack of icecream consumption. Gotta watch that, huh?

Luke's been watching lots of cartoons. If I see another episode of Wow, Wow, Wubzy, Max and Ruby, Backyardigans or Go Diego Go, I'm going to have to be committed. For now, it makes him happy and helps with his mental state of mind keeping him from focusing on the pain. It's funny how his little voice has changed. He's a tenor now. I got so use to hearing his garbled marbles voice. Kinda wierd to hear this new tone. It's so much less "Charlie Brown's teacher-ish".

Today, he and I ventured out for the first time since Fri. and went to Target. He wanted to exchange two birthday gifts that he rec'd for one's that "didn't scare him" (his words) Evidently, The Hulk and Batman are bad, scary guys and he told me he didn't "wike" (like) them. Sorry, whoever gave him those. We returned them and he got himself a Chick Hicks car (from the movie Cars). He told the cashier that this one didn't scare him. She was like, "Uh, oh kay whatever".

I'm so proud of my brave boy. He's really been a trooper. One last funny story. While at Target we perused the aisles for items that he might be able to eat without pain. I spied the soup aisle had "Lightining McQueen" chicken noodle soup. The noodles are shaped like cars. He saw it too and said, "Mommy can I get that soup, It's alright, it won't hurt my FEELINGS". I laughed and kissed him on the nose. He's so cute. So, for now the pain in the back of his throat is affectionately called his "feelings". Too funny, huh? We also got some more apple sauce, cinnamon and strawberry flavored this time. I told him these new flavors wouldn't hurt his feelings either. He obliged. Anyone wanting to partake of some sugary delights we have about 4 gallons of icecream and a box of Dora popsicles that need to be consumed.

One more quick story about how God is so in the details. After running to Hobby Lobby in Allen for a quick item I needed for necklace making we attempted the Chickfila drive thru in Allen. So freakin many cars I said, "Luke we'll go to the one by our house in McKinney". We left and headed home. As I pulled up in the drivethru to place our order I noticed a friend of mine who moved to Iowa last year. I called her cell phone and after getting our order I ran inside to say Hi. Turns out she's in town on vacation. Back here to visit friends while her hubby who works for John Deere attends a required training in CO for 3 wks. It was great to see her and her kids. Hi LaNae.

God is SO in every detail of our life.

Back to bed now, had to administer Luke's antibiotic.

Signing off,
Nurse Heather


Blueeyes said...

I'm coming over ice cream! YUM!

I'm glad Luke is getting better! He is such a cutie! :)

Trina said...

I love the update! I am so glad the little cutie is doing better. If I were there I would help you consume some ice cream! Love ya!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I am glad Luke is starting to feel better. Camden didn't want any ice cream/popcicles either, he said they were just too cold and made him shiver. He ate lots of spagettios for 10 days. I also remember the voice change as well and after about 2-3 weeks his finally changed back to the original sound. Keep resting and getting stronger little man, we are praying for you. Days 8-10 can be rough again.

miri68 said...

Glad Luke is doing awesome! I would love some ice cream, but am trying to watch my weight :) Have a neighborhood ice cream social--that will get rid of it fast! TTYL,

Perez Family Spot said...

I finally posted chica. I too would like some ice cream. And after reading my last post you can feel free to bring some over or kidnap me, whichever you like.

Cesar and I had a "talk" with my dad last night about the car and apartment situation. DRAMA FO YO MAMA. Why am I the only normal person in this familia loca?? lol

The Iveys said...

So glad he is much better! God is totally in the details! We've been praying for the little guy!

tripntwinmom said...

That is so nice to read. Surgeries are always so tough.

I may be committed right next to you! :P The thing about being off for the summer is that I get SO maxxed out on little people shows!