Friday, July 25, 2008

Bye Bye Tonsils....Hello Popsicles

I told all my friends that I was officially declaring today, "EAT LOTS OF POPSICLES" day in honor of Luke's tonsilectomy. I hope you all enjoyed your favorite colors. I ate a purple DORA popsicle.

Update on my brave boy: He did great, with the help of a mild sedative (Versed). Let's just say that there was a "slight" mixup in the surgery time. His surgery was to begin at 11:45 AM ,which is why I suppose they had us get there at 10:30AM.

Surgery didn't ACTUALLY start until 1:20PM, people. Hello, clue phone it's for you hospital surgery scheduling lady. Next time, when you don't follow the surgeons orders and schedule my son at 8AM like he said, YOU get to occupy a 4 yr old in a backless hospital gown that he hates, and a name bracelet that he hates MORE than the gown for 3 hours. There's only so much coloring and Transformer movie watching one can handle, you'll see.

Ok, taking deep breath. Off my soapbox. All in all, Luke did great. It was funny hearing him talk after they gave him the sedative. We were asking him all kinds of silly questions just to see what he'd say. I know, we're bad. One of the funny things he did was take his little teddy bear's arms and pull them out the their sides and say, "look mommy, bear has wings" and then a big giggle. He kept smiling real big when I would say, "show mommy your happy face". Then he'd play with my hair and giggle. Too funny.

Dr. says his tonsils were HUGE, as big as golf balls. They had a hard time getting the first one out, but then the 2nd one was a breeze. Poor kid, no wonder why he snored like a locomotive. Tonsils are gone and Luke is resting well in his own bed tonight. They have him on an antibiotic, anti-nausea med and pain med's. I must report that he DID TRY and eat a popsicle today while at the hospital. Unfortunately, the morphine got the best of him and while attempting to stick it in his mouth he stuck it in his eye so we took it away.

We'll try again tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be much better when he see's Aunt Brooke, Cuzzin Emery and GranDee when he wakes up in the morning. Sis and Em are flying in to see him for the weekend. He also will get his big birthday present from them and money that Granna sent him. A new Spiderman bike. He's going to be so thrilled.

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, calls and well-wishes.

I'm off to bed myself, it's been a long day.



The Iveys said...

Fabulous! God Rocks and Prayers Work! That's great! Congrats Luke and milk the whole popsicle thing for ALL it is worth!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Luke made it through. Sorry you had to wait for so long before. I think some people just don't get it. Glad to hear he is doing well. I'll be praying for a quick recovery. I'm sure he will have forgotten all about those tonsils when he see his bike!!!