Friday, July 11, 2008

Here's the update....

Been so busy cleaning out my to get down to some jewelry biz. Stopped by a garage sale this morning and I bought a shelf to store my bling, bling on. It was so desperately needed. Only $10 buckola's. Not too shabby, oh and the guy even delivered it for me. I paid him an extra dollar for delivery...wink (gas prices are high these days and he was 1/2 the way down the street people...inflation)

To my sister in law "AMBA"....get your hiney to YOUR blog and update it. It's been almost a month, then you can rag on me! (double-wink)

I've been getting things in order to launch some more jewelry designs so stay tuned....Stamped Sterling silver, some awesome Crystal drop pendants (WAIT TILL YOU SEE THESE BEAUTIES) UPDATE: SEE THE "AMORE'" BEAUTY IN MY ABOVE POST My mind's been churning out ideas, thoughts, designs and it's been working overtime. Meaning...some ideas have come while I lay down trying to nod off to sleep.

Luke's been at gymnastic's camp all week and he's loving it. His favorite apparatus, the "travmpoeween" as he calls it. He'll be doing camp again next week. May have a future olympian on our hands. He also is becoming quite fond of The Transformer's (thanks to Daddy). So, that's all he's been asking for, for his bday in 2 wks. Apparently, the most popular transformer is Optimus Prime....Luke calls him, "Octopus Crime". Isn't that hilarious. Part of it is his nasty tonsils that are causing his speech problems....but those babies are coming out in 2 weeks. Thank goodness, he's snoring like a locomotive. Between me hearing him on the baby monitor and Daddy snoring right next to me, I feel like I'm in a SNORE SYMPHONY.

I've been being silly (see above pics). Hope everyone in blog-land is well. We're enjoying the summer. VBS is coming up in a week, so Luke's excited about that too. So many activities, so little time.

Peace out Peeps,


Anonymous said...

If you want the 411 on Transformers let me know. My son has a ton of them. The bad ones and the good ones.
They are too cool!!!
Well...glad to see you finally updated...oopppss.. I need to update too.


Perez Family Spot said...

OMG! I know how loud Luke me he is a snorer. When we kept him and he took a nap, I had to check on him all the time because I couldn't believe how much he really did snore. Glad to know he'll be better, so his wife in the future won't have to complain about the snoring! I LOVE YOU LUKE!! (Just don't kick me out of your house anymore...wink)