Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Update**Wed, Apr 23 @ 8am
They were able to locate Rachel at Baylor Hospital downtown Dallas. They visited and she is going to be fine. Not a scratch and that is a God thing as glass was everywhere. You can continue to pray for the girls as inevitably they'll be sore for a few days. Thank you so much for being part of the prayer "chain".
Hello Praying Friends:
If you could please remember my friend Amorette's family in your prayers. Her sister, Selena was in a serious car accident tonight here in McKinney. Selena was driving, and her friend Rachel was in the passenger's seat. Selena is mildly banged up, very shaken up (obviously) but her friend had to be Careflighted to Baylor Hospital. No word on the extent of Rachel's injuries, as the medic's were not allowed to give them any info. on the scene. Please pray for Rachel's recovery, and for Selena as well. The car is totalled. Thank you so much.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing - will pray for both of them and their families!!

Perez Family Spot said...

THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS!!!! Everyone is fine and no one was seriously hurt, just scared. Rachel was just kept for observation and will be released today. Selena is just fine, just some marks from the airbag. PRAISE GOD for hearing all of the generous prayers and I am blessed to have such a great friend in Heather and all her friends!! I will keep you posted on any updates, but everything is going to be just fine!