Monday, April 07, 2008

A few thoughts....

No pic's to share today, however I do have a few thoughts/questions...
  • How young do you have to be to ask me, "Who's Charleton Heston?" when I mentioned his passing to the grocery store cashier yesterday.
  • Does anyone in the blogosphere keep the buttons that come attached to a new pair of pants (you know the one's in the little poly bag)?
  • Does watching "Alfid & The Chitmunks" (as Luke calls it) 3 times within 24 hours qualify someone for the insane asylum?
  • Do any of your children refuse to eat certain snacks unless they're the exact same one's, as the one's their classmates at pre-school ate? Lannie, did Noah bring Cheez-it's for snack today? Just curious...
  • What phrase do you think is the most often spoken in a pediatrician's office? My guess..."Stick out your tongue and say Ahh!" What's your guess?
  • Is it possible to drink too many juice boxes in one day?
  • Would any of my blog readers be interested in participating in a shoe-a-thon....i.e. I post pic's of almost new shoes that I want to get rid of in varying sizes 8-11 (mostly 10's) All shoes will be free to the first one who emails me. YOU will be responsible for $10 shpg. That's it! Let me know. I've got some nice shoes that I'm Spring Cleaning from my closet. Some barely worn (P.S. I have NO foot fungus's, etc.)
  • How high does one have to be, to actually talk to a floor to ceiling mirror in a boutique shop on the square in my home town? Sat. a lady did just that. She actually walked up to the mirror at Pumps shoe store and said, "Hi, where did you get that shirt, I have one just like it". Her friend kindly let her know she was talking to a mirror. Such a sweet friend, huh. She was laughing hysterically as was the store clerk. What I think would be funny is if she had said, "Hi, where did you get that shirt? I have one just like it, but YOUR'S looks much better on you!" Ok, so I have a demented sense of humor.
  • Does moving clean clothes from a pile on the couch to the bedroom bed qualify as "folding" clothes for hubby? Yeah, I didn't think so either. I'm going to feel real bad if he's in there folding them now, while I blog. Checked...nope bedroom lights off and I hear snores coming from our room.
  • How many pennies can one shove in a light socket before being electrocuted?
  • Isn't playing the XBOX for more than 2 1/2 hours straight one of the "seven deadly sins"?
  • Can anyone tell me what Roy G. Biv stands for? I'm guessing my artsy fartsy friends will get this one. (Michelle)
  • Have you ever bought more than 4 pairs of shoes for yourself in one day?

That's all folks!



My Semblance of Sanity said...

1. less than half OUR age.
2. I save them for crafts.
3. only if you think the chipmunks are following you
4. mostly they refuse to eat anything I THINK is a fun snack - they just don't get my Tofu-gummies
5. at our drs appts? It's a tie - "PLEASE, stop licking the exam table" and "Don't play with the stirrups!"
6. Only if you start peeing purple
7. proof of no fungus required - I am a 10...haha
8. or if she said, "I saw your picture in my husband's me out back #$%^!"
9. One......zzzzzzzttttttt!
10. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet


Anonymous said...

Yes,I save the buttons (I'm a little anal)Yes, Noah brought Cheez-its to school today. His world revolves around Cheez-its. And yes, I would be interested in the shoe thingy! I'm a 9-10! And you have good taste!

Blueeyes said...

I where a size 10 shoe! Show me the shows! :)
Oh and I do save those little buttons! They might come in handy some day, but the funny part about saving them is how does one actually sew on a button? I have sewed on buttons only to have them fall off again at the end of the day?! :)

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Heck ya i'm interested in shoes, would have to be the size 8's. Can I pick them up if i win?


Anonymous said...

1. I didn't know he passed? OMG! When did that happen.
2. Toss em'
3. If you go around the house like I do singing like a chipmunk...then you've watched it one too many times, sister!
4. My kids love any kind of I really push fruits and veggies and they think that is really cool!? I have weird kids.
5. My doctor is very strick...and teh kids know not to mess with her or misbehave. So, I guess she probably says "Okay, I'm looking in your ears now."
6. I think that if they are sugar free....go for it. If they aren't...I feel for ya!
7. I have enough shoes, but if I didn't I'd be up for the shoe thing.
8. I think either you are pretty high or have a mental issue...maybe she was just released from the Terrel Hospital?
9. For men...well...I think they may think they were doing you a favor moving it to a place where it is easier for you to put up. My husband thinks this way sometimes..I just have to correct him that he needs to take the next step. ;)
10. Yeah...keep the pennies out of the light sockets
11. made to play at least 5 to 6 hours at a time...especially guitar hero or rock band!
12. ROY G BIV....this is the colors of the rainbow in that specfic order. Red Orange yellow Green Blue and Indigo. I'm not artsy fartsy...I'm just scientific...we learned this in science. ;)
13. Yes I have...but I was in desperate need for new shoes. And they were 50% off at Foley's (now macy's)

These were fun.

Andie said...

Roy G Biv- colors of the rainbow in order. (by the way do you know the bread trick that goes with these?"

also- shoe thing- I don't really need anymore shoes, since I just went on a shoe shopping frenzy recently, but I sure would like to get rid of some as well... but most of mine were pricey and I'd like to recoup $$$ from them. LOL

and yes! i keep the buttons.

the rest- I have no answers. LOL

Andie said...

bread thing-

supposedly, the twist ties on bread correspond with how fresh they are.

So Red tie- means it was baked on Sunday (or Monday), Orange (tues) Yellow (wednesday)

so on, so forth- in the colors of the rainbow--
so if you go to the grocery on a Saturday, and the bread has a red twisty-tie, then you know it's not the freshest.

I even asked the bread delivery dude at the grocery if it was true, and he told me, yep... there are a few variations with different companies, but they follow the same pattern- in order of the rainbow!