Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A few things I'm fond of....

Bathtime fun...ducky style
You quack me up...
Get your ducks in a row...
Luke's fresh haircut...and new preppy shirt!
If you haven't already....GO ORGANIC!
Meyer's ..fresh and clean
Top-o-the-mornin' to ya....delicious treats

Dark Chocolate lovelies...
My beautiful new Southern Living Gail Pittman bowl (I bought the platter too!) I'm fond of both.
Today I decided to take a few shots of things that I'm fond of, and that make my life easier. I'm also trying to self-teach camera angling for optimal shots.




Anonymous said...

What a handsome, young lad. I just love that boy.


Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

What a great picture of Luke! He looks so grown up there!

Those kisses look AWESOME! I haven't seen these in Iowa. They look like they're worth a trip to Texas!

Andie said...

Gosh, I did a favorite things post a few months ago.. I think around christmas time?

I have so many. if oyu click on favorite thigns tags in my blog, they will probably bring you to many.