Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Library".....Listen to how smart my boy is..

Well...we took the weekend off from potty training because Luke wasn't feeling well and wasn't responding to the potty training-AT ALL!

So, we've resumed training this morning. He loves looking through the big basket of "big boy pants" he gets to choose from once he sit's on his big boy potty. He's got Buzz, Woody, Elmo & Calvin Klein's to choose from.

As of this post we've tee tee'd once and poo poo'd once in our big boy pants. Still nothing in the potty. We're going to do this all day though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He usually like to read his "Potty" book which is equipped with a flushing toilet sound button. So for now, this is our new "library".

In other news, can I brag on how smart my boy is. He takes his little gummy bear vitamin-one a day. Well, lately I've been noticing he'll put it in his mouth when I give it to him, then take it out, then put it back in. He gets all sticky and sometimes he bites it to pieces and then takes it out of his mouth. So, in all my "mommy wisdom" I decided this morning to mix it in with his "froo snax" as he calls them. I handed him the open little bag of "froo snax" and walked off. It was not 2 seconds from him reaching in to eat them that he says, "My Vitamin". Ok, now look at the pic and tell me how similiar the gummy bear vitamin looks like the other fruit snacks and you'll see what a good little analyzer I have. I was honestly dumbfounded. No pulling the wool over this boys eyes. I wonder when he's going to figure out his "juice" is 90% water and 10% fruit juice in his sippy cup. Stay tuned....I've got a smart one on my hands.


Amber said...

WOW! What a smart Lukey!!

Trina said...

You do have a smart one on your hands girl! Watch out!

Brooke said...

He takes after his aunt Brooke!