Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun with Tanner...

Luke had fun playing with his buddy Tanner today. As Luke says, "Tanner's mommy is Miss "Piggy" (Peggy)".
May I ad Tanner is quite the drummer (Uncle Mike looks like you might have some competition).
They are so cute playing together. Luke like's to boss Tanner around and Tanner like's to kiss and hug on Luke. It's really precious.
Tammy--I'm still looking for the Deluxe Nails business card to call them. You know how many purses I have ;o)
Brooke--I miss our daily loving the pic's on your blog.
That's about it folks! Oh, did you notice Luke and Tanner have matching shirts...that wasn't planned either.


Brooke said...

What sweet doll babies! I miss our chats too. Kiss Lukey and call me soon!

Jim & Jami said...

Luke is such a cutie pie. Cute,Cute,Cute!