Saturday, June 02, 2007

Funniest tag line...

Ok, I have to tell ya'll this. I was on Frisco-Online the other day and was reading some classified ads, when I ran across a person's post with the following tag line at the bottom of the item they were listing. Is it just me or do ya'll think this is hilarious too? I don't know why but it really struck my funny bone.

It said:

"I tell my kids that when the ice cream man's truck is playing music--that means he's OUT of ice cream".

Isn't that creative! Saves money too! You know that when you were a kid EVERY time the ice cream truck came buy you bugged your mom and dad for a dollar (or two). I know I did. I always wanted the pink panther ice cream bar with the bubble gum big toe. What was your favorite ice cream truck novelty?



Amber said...


Jim & Jami said...

My two favorites were the Banana Fudge Bomb, and the Pink Thing.

Mr. Softy's soft serve dipped cone, the Ice Cream Sandwich, & the Pinwheel were Jim's favorites.

Heather said...

Jami--the Pink Thing was at Six Flags, you dork!

Carole said...

I'll probably date myself with this, but we only had a nickel for our icecream man! It bought my favorite, a red popsicle!