Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pony up....

Well...for those of you keeping track (and you know who you are) it's official we now own our 12th car in 10 years of marriage. My husband seems to be going through a midlife crisis a little earlier than most.
He has been looking for a Mustang for a while now and he finally got his pony today. It's a pre-owned 2003 Mustang GT convertible.
It is sweeeeeeet if I might say so myself. It's a blast to drive. You should have seen Mom and I driving down the Tollway with the top down today. We definitely got the looks. Even Luke looked cute with his little car seat in the back. He said the wind "kickeled" (tickled).
Anyway, let's hope that the Jason steers clear of the local PO-lice and the Highway Patrol, as I'm sure the usual drivers of these cars are punk teenagers looking for trouble.
Although, I do have to say Jason does have a long lineage with Mustangs, as this is his 4th one since he was 18. Stay off the he comes!!! I love ya honey.

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Blueeyes said...

Jason---I love your New Hot Wheels!