Sunday, May 20, 2007

My cuzzin turns 2...

Yesterday we had my cuzzin Beau's 2nd bday party. It was so much fun. We got to sit at his new picnic table that his BB gave him. I gave my hotdog to Roscoe and Beau let Dusty lick his fork. We figured the dogs needed to enjoy the party too.
Then it was time to open the presents. You know Beau couldn't do it without me. I had already opened the gift we brought twice before we even got to the party. I got him a "Pomas" (Thomas) the train set like mine. He loved it. In fact, he's as possessive of his engines as I am of mine. Poppa and Nana got him a turtle sandbox. We had fun hiding under the turtle's shell and busting out of it saying, "Here we are".
Oh to be 2 again. Oh wait, I am 2. He and I are the same age for exactly 2 mos. then he'll be coming to my bday party. I'll be 3 this year. I sure hope I get a cool picnic table and sandbox like his for my bday. Grandparents, that's a hint! A subtle one don't you think???
Well, I love my cuzzin Beau. He's my best buddy. He likes to follow me around and do all the things I do. We love to play instruments and sing too. We had a family sing-a-long after the party was over. Each person got their own instrument to play compliments of Beau.
Happy Birthday Beau, I love you!

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Amber said...

I liked my cuzzin' Luke being at my birthday party. We had a blast together and I can not wait to celebrate when he turns 3 years old. See you soon, Luke! Wuv You!