Friday, May 04, 2007


Luke and I were sitting on the porch rocking in the rocking chairs Wed. night before the big storms hit. It was thundering and lightening and I wanted to sit out there with him to explain about thunder and lightening so that he isn't afraid. (he never has been so far)

Anyway...the lightening would flash in the sky and I would say, "Hey Luke did you see that lightening in the sky"? His reply, (brace yourself for a laugh because this is funny) he said, "I saw it mommy I saw McQueen". If you're familiar with the CARS movie the famous racecar is named Lightening McQueen. So, that is how he tied it together. Too cute huh!

Then, when it started to sprinkle outside and we were feeling the rain drops he looked at me pointed to his nose and said, "My boogers are getting wet Momma". I laughed so hard.

He's really fun at this age. He's starting to put words and objects together and sometimes it's just a hoot how he ties things together.

Here's another funny from today. We went to Walmart and he was holding the "Spiderman Yogurt" (has Spidey on the container) well he placed it on top of something else that was already sticking out of the basket and the yogurt toppled out of the basket onto the floor. Blueberry yogurt went everywhere. I just kept on walking. Luke says, "Bye Spiderman yogurt, see ya waiter(later)".

Happy Friday.



Blueeyes said...

My boogers are getting wet! LOL! Luke's little statement made my morning!

Kirtus and Dana said...

Oh my goodness this is too cute. I just love this age. These moments make up for all the little tantrums they like to pull from time to time. I love it!