Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's been a blur....easier to type than talk.

Hello friends...it's been awhile I know. That's because I had some life-threatening complications post gastric surgery on Nov29. I ended up having a pulmonary embolism, abcessed spleen and raging subsequent infection in my body. I've never in my life been in so much pain as I've been for the last 8 days. I've been hospitalized since Dec 5, until 1am this morning when my oxygen tank finally arrived so I could go home. To say it's been a rollercoaster is an understatement. I know that not everyone knows what all transpired and it's going to stay that way because the whole ordeal has been so tramatic for me and my degree of pain was so intense that I cannot even revisit it in my mind. I am so blessed with a great support group. Family, friends, extended church family. If people had not been praying I firmly believe I wouldn't be here right now. I know that Jesus was hearing those interceeding for me even when I could not utter any prayers. Jason's been juggling childcare for Luke every day and doing quite nicely I must say. He's sure had more of the "in sickness and in health" part to deal with with me over the last 10 years of our union. God could not have found me a more perfect match. I love you so much baby. I missed Lukey and Jason so much while being in the hospital. Because of the decreased lung capacity from the pulmonary embolism and the immobility I've had I'm home on oxygen which really helps. I also have a stomach tube that is still draining the abcess stuff. Sorry to be too graphic. I may get to a point down the road where all of this will be easier to talk about, for right now please understand if you don't get a call back right away. For one, it's hard to breathe, therefore hard to talk, plus I hate having to retell the whole story to everyone. I know you love me. Please keep praying for a speedy recovery because I'm not back up on my feet again, although so thankful to be out of Baylor Hospital. In good news...my sweet niece Em is home and is doing awesome. She's just as cute as a button. I love you sweet Em.



Brooke said...

Sweet Em loves you too! We pray for you everyday! She knows how you feel with the oxygen and we hope that you are back on your feet very soon so you can come for a visit! We love you!

Trina said...

Wow, Sweet thing! We will keep praying for you! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this!! We love you so much and are hoping you get better soon!I am so glad you are home!!! Rest and take care! As hard as it is, let others love on you and do things for you!!! Will keep praying!!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I have been so worried about you! I am glad to see that you are home and in your own bed. We have been praying and will continue to do so.

I know that you have lots of friends and family close, but if you get in a bind, I would love to help in any way.

Blueeyes said...

I am so happy you are home! I have been praying for you non-stop.....everyone I know in Texas, Louisiana, and Washington has been praying for you!
I love you so very much! I can not wait to hug you next time I see you. I have missed you tons! I know you are still recoverying, but if you need anything please let me know. I am great at cooking, cleaning, babysitting, laundry, and making people laugh. So, if you need anything or Jason needs anything, please let me know. Hugs & Love!

Carole said...

Wow, Heather, I had no idea! I'd been wondering why you weren't blogging. I'm so glad you're better and are at home. I'll add you to my ever-growing prayer list. If seems so many are sick right now!

Anonymous said...

What an answered prayer to be home and out of the hospital at this time of the year! I am glad you are doing well enough to be home. I am so grateful for a blog update just to know you are able to now continue your recovery at home. Will continue the prayers for healing and renewed strength. God Bless!
Stacey C

Anonymous said...

Well sweet Heather, you have been through the mill. As a nurse, I understand everything you are discussing. You have been on my mind and in my prayers. And the wildest part is I don't even know you except you are friends with my Brian and Trina. I to am a little slow in thanking you for the beautiful prayer you said for me. It was awsome and I shared it with some of my friends.
I am sitting here in front of the puter right now with my oxygen on so I understand that too!!!!
My prayers will continue for you and the family for a truly BLESSED CHRISTMAS TIME.
Carol Ann
(Brian&Trina's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Heather, Oh my gosh. I am so sorry you had to go through such an ordeal. I'll keep praying for a speedy recovery. I'm so glad your are back home. Don't over do it girl. Take care of yourself and that little cutie of yours.