Monday, December 25, 2006

Feeling lots better...

I'm finally starting to come around. Sat. I actually got out to go look at Christmas lights albeit in my pj's, robe and slippers but at least I got out of the house for an hour.

Christmas Eve we spent with Jason's family (our tradition) and today we'll spend with my family. Wish we could all be together this year but maybe next year.

I'm up in the middle of the night to take my pain med's and to walk a little bit. If I stay on my med. schedule it's amazing how much less pain I have to deal with.

Luke is so excited to open up his present that Grandee put in the big "Santa Cwaus" sack. He got lots of neat stuff at Nana and Poppa's. It was so funny he didn't want to sit and open his presents he wanted to pass them out to everyone. It was too funny. That boy is just the most precious little angel. He's into repeating everything you say. He always goes to the pantry and gets out the mac n cheese box an says, "Mac n cheese yeah, wanna hold it, Lukey's box, it's mine". Just little things like that are so precious. We're savoring every minute. He also likes to look at mommy's boo boo belly. Then he wants to look at daddy's boo boo belly which he does not have. Then he wants to show you Lukey's boo boo belly. I don't think he totally get's it. He does know not to climb on mommy's lap because "Mommy's sick" "boo boo belly". I love that boy.

All in all, I'm on the up and up....regaining strength slowly but surely. I have a Dr's appt. with my regular primary Dr. on Tues. to do bloodwork to get my blood sugars under control again. The hospital never put me back on my med. to keep my sugars low and it's wreaked havoc on my body. Don't even get me started on the list of deficiencies I can cite for Baylor Hospital Dallas. Another day, another conversation.

Well...hope you and your's have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you Jesus I'm home from the hospital during this holiday. I pray for all of those who aren't and for those who are lonely, sad and have no one to spend this special day with. Please comfort them and ease their pain. I know that there are lots of people hurting out there that we just pass right by every day. Touch them in a special way.

Counting my Christmas blessings.


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