Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another day..another bit better

Still in pain, but taking my med's. I'm slowly making progress. Night time is hard because I have to sit straight up to sleep. Not real comfortable, but I'm making it. The oxygen is helping a lot, I get short of breath when I get up and move around just because I've been so homebound. It's nice to have that stomach tube out. Thanks for all of you who are continuously praying. Please keep em' coming. My insides have been feeling better. The only thing that that consistently hurts is my spleen/diaphragm area. When I cough it just strains it more. Please pray for that pain to go away. Tired and must go sit down now. Thanks friends/family for your help and prayers.



Blueeyes said...

I am praying!
Merry Christmas & Happy Blessed New Year to my Rice Family!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Still praying! Thanks for the updates.
Merry Christmas!