Friday, August 11, 2006

Who me?

Look's so innocent...don't let it fool ya! This was right before I caught him crawling inside the stool. Then he wonders why he gets stuck. Probably because he's like 3 times bigger than the space inside the stool.

Luke's been having a really bad cough. He caught what I had last week. Daddie's cursing me too. Anyway, Luke's on antibiotics and Jason is probably right around the corner from taking them. I wonder who got us all hacking.

Not much to blog about today, just thought I'd share this quick pic. By the way...doesn't Luke look so much older with his new growing out hair cut. No, I want him to stay little forever.

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Trina said...

He does look so innocent! It is so great to see his sweet little face. I think he looks just like his Daddy! Hope you are having a good weekend. Just for you I updated my blog this morning! Take care and keep those boys healhy!