Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is that rain?

Well it finally happened even if only for 10 minutes. We got rain today. First time since July 4th.

Winkerbean decided to climb up on the window sill and take a look in the back yard. We told him his car (on the patio) was getting a car wash.

It was nice to get some rain today. It cooled things off and made the temp's bareable....

These 100+ degree days

are killing us. No one wants to go anywhere but air conditioned places. Like home. It's crazy around here. Every year I think it's getting worse. It's these times that I say to myself. Why the heck do I live in Texas. It's such a beating.....

Cutie patootie doesn't understand why we can't go "out-k-eyed". (outside)

I keep saying maybe in a few sad huh!

I'm ready for some cold weather...bring it on.

Later gators.


Blueeyes said...

Luke is getting so BIG! He's so handsome!
I agree with you 100% about the weather! It's just gross! Praise God it did rain a little yesterday!

Trina said...

Hi sweet friend! That is so great that you got rain. Praise the Lord! The TX heat in August is one thing I am not missing. There are other things I miss such as friends such as you and family. Take care! Lots of love!