Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To infinity and beyond....

Well...not too much to blog about. Everything in Rice-a-roni-ville is just grand. We're blessed with every new day and love being able to spend it as a family.

God is so good to us. We've got such a great son who we love dearly. He's the light of our lives. He's really growing up. As you can see from the pictures. We're growing his hair out so it's at that awkward in between stage. It lays flat on the top and sticks up in the back. He love's his new Buzz toy....to infinity and beyond.
He also likes sitting in fresh from the dryer clothes. Where's that wrinkle releaser when you need it. Well...that's about it for today....Oh, if you ask Luke what his telephone number is he'll say, "9-2-9". Don't know where he got that, but it's cute nevertheless. Later taters.

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