Monday, February 06, 2006

My time with Aunt Brooke.... Aunt Brooke has gone back to KY. We had a great time visiting for 9 days. You know she really loves me a lot. She tells me that over and over. I'm the luckiest boy in the world. So many people that love me.

Where should I start in explaining how much fun we had. Maybe I should start at the beginning. When she got here she had brought me lots of fun presents. She got me my own Delta Pilots cap. I can wear that when I'm flying my imaginary planes. My next present was an official sheriff's vest fit with handcuffs and a toy gun. She said I need to wear it while riding my rocking horse. She also made me a blanket too.

While she was here we had lots of fun. She bathed me and squirted me with my squirting octopus. I had such a blast. She also bought me an ice cream cone at Sonic (shh....don't tell mommy). We ate Vietnamese food while she was here as well as Corner Bakery. We got to go shopping at several stores that Aunt Brooke doesn't have in KY. I love to go to Sam Moon with her when she's here. There are so many bracelets at my level to pull off the shelves. Can't wait to go back there. Oh, I almost forgot she read me my favorite book, Elmo and Friends. Grandee bought it for me for Christmas. I'm getting really smart. I can show you the ball, shoes, frog, Elmo, etc... on the various pages. And I do have my FAVORITE pages..... To top it all off the highlight of our visit was she took me to the Build-A-Bear workshop to get my very own stuffed animal. I choose a monkey since everyone always tells me I'm a little monkey. We stuffed it together, bathed it and picked out an outfit. She also printed out his birth certificate and we named it Kalepo after mommy's fav childhood song about Kalepo the monkey. Kalepo sleeps with me now every night. I love him so much because my Aunt Brooke got him for me. We just had a great time hanging out. Daddy says we get to maybe go back to KY this summer for our vacation. I missed Uncle Mike he wasn't able to come with Aunt Brooke. But I talked to him several times on my "Uncle Mike" cell phone. We had so much fun. Grandee got to come over a lot too. I love my Aunt Brooke and Grandee. They're so good to me. I miss them already.


Blueeyes said...

This was so sweet! I am so happy you guys had a great time!

Brooke said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you and the rest of our sweet family! I DO love you very, very much like mommy said! I really hope that you get to come visit us this summer. I love you sweet boy! I hope you are feeling better. Take care of Kalepo!