Friday, February 17, 2006

Got Land Mainance???

Ok, I absolutely had to take a picture and post this on my blog. Jason just retrieved this flyer from our front door.

In my best guesstimate I believe Medina's sign was SUPPOSE to say:


Poor guys...maybe from the exposure on my blog they'll get some business. (Uncle Jeff... looks like you have quite the competition out there.)

Also...if any of you need your stone's "putted" give em' a ring.

If you can't reach them at either of the two phone numbers listed try them at:

800-LEARN-ENGLISH Gracias Amigos!

1 comment:

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

You need to send that into Jay Leno. On Monday nights he does a segment called "Headlines"- it is full of funny typo's and grammatical mistakes that people have found in newspapers, flyers, etc.
Too funny!