Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wicked SmartHats....

Howdy folks!

Today I had my 2nd jewelry show of the season. Check out these wicked smart hats I found. Aren't they adorable? I got them in 3 colors, pink, turquoise blue and gold.

I added the rhinestone bling and voila'....Everyone's jealous (well, not everyone). I thought they'd be a cool little conversation item to wear to shows and set me apart from the rest of the other vendors.

I can just hear it now....customers wearing my jewelry as they shop at other vendors booths, and people seeing my designs and saying, "Where did you get that adorable jewelry piece?"...They of course would say, "From the chick in the hot pink diva hat, where else?".

I had a really great show. Thank you to my sweet friend Crede' for hosting. I have a few more shows left before Christmas. So, get your orders in early.

Luke wanted his picture taken in the blue hat. Can you see why? He's flippin adorable in it. Guess daddy wouldn't be too happy that he's in a tiara. Oh well!!! Hey, you're only 4 once, right?


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My Happy Fami-Lee! said...

I want to borrow Luke's turquoise hat!!! I LOVE IT but then again, you already knew that!

I'm ready for a home show...set the date and let me know!