Saturday, November 01, 2008


This Halloween brought out some "interesting" people. Most interesting was my husband "Violet". A couple of his employee's went and picked out the Halloween outfits for 3 of the managers at work. They all looked like this, only I think Violet was the cutest. "She" sure had cute legs in her black leggings. Oh, and her breasticles were quite perky. I almost think she might have had some "work" done. Yes, he will probably kill me for posting this pic, but oh well, right??

On to the non-crossdresser of the family. Luke had a blast being Buzz LightYear this year. He showed everyone his laser superpowers and had fun trick or treating.

On our candy begging excursion we even ran into a few Presidential Candidate's wives. Crazy Inga and Lisa dressed up like Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. It was a hoot!

I had to beg Luke to take his costume off. He wanted to sleep in it--wings and all. Cuzzin Beau was a cute little ghost. He kept reminding me he was a "fwendly"(friendly)ghost, not a scary one.

Fun was had by all! Hope everyone else had a safe time this year.



Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Who is the chic in the wig? Just kidding! That is too funny!


Brooke said...

There are NO words!

Perez Family Spot said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sooooooo glad Jason was born male!!(Sorry Jason) What did Luke have to say about that?? Hope he doesn't tell his friends at school his dad dresses like a girl!! LOL...