Friday, August 24, 2007

Tons of pictures on their way...

Ok, I admit it even with the Canon Rebel for Dummies book I bought I STILL do not know how to retrieve the pictures from my new camera.

So... with that being said, please know that more awesome pic's will be posted to blogger soon. My new birthday present, a pink Dell Laptop is on backorder until Sept.-ish. When it arrives it will have all the bells and whistles that will accommodate my picture downloading needs. For now you will still have to see pic's from my 6 year old 3 megapixel Canon Cybershot. Sorry, guys!

Next....Kudos for my sweet hubby:

I wanted to tell everyone how proud I am of Jason. He got a promotion at work today. Yeah! Yippee! He will be given a supervisor title in 2 wks. and have 7 people reporting to him. He has done a great job at work and this will be a fabulous opportunity to advance his mgmt. career. After all, that is what his degree is, Business Mgmt. Honey, I know how hard you've worked and I'm SO proud of you. You deserve it! You are an excellent provider for our family.

Also today I got my hair highlighted again. Finally after almost a year of being a brunette (which I hate, by the way) Sorry God and Mom. It finally looks like it's back in shape after all the crazy post-weight loss hair loss. I went to a new hair girl today and I loved her. She did a fabulous job on the cut and color. Samantha, I'm coming back to ya. You've got a new client. Thank you Jenny for the birthday gift certificate that made my new "do" possible.

Sorry there are no pictures tonight, I was too busy napping to get any good shots of the Lukey-meister. Maybe tomorrow. I just love that boy, he's so hilarious these days. Today he told me that he had "pun" (fun) playing at his buddy Matthew's house. Thanks Cami for watching him while I pampered myself at the salon. I'll get back to you re: next week.

If you haven't already checked out Brian and Trina's blog, DO IT! Pearson got to come home today, finally where he belongs with his sweet mommy and daddy. It's been a long journey and he's such a miracle, as per his cute onesie! Now the fun begins. No nurses to hand him off to when you need to sleep a little. Oh, the sleepless nights. I remember them like they were yesterday. I couldn't be happier for my friends to get to experience the joys of parenthood--FINALLY!

Tonight we went to Poppa and Nana's house for a lovely bday dinner. Luke still think's it is HIS "dirthday". In fact, as we said our night night prayers tonight Jason said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for my family and for mommies birthday this week". Luke chimed in immediately, "it's my DIRTHDAY". We said, "ok, thank you Jesus for Luke's dirthday". Too cute. He's so precious. You should have seen him and Beau playing tonight. I do have pic's but like I said previously, they're on their way when the new computer get's here. Be patient!

Thank you to everyone for the lovely bday gifts. I can't wait to use all my gift certificates at Nordstrom's. After all, everyone knows that is my favorite store in the whole wide world. If I had a zillion bucks (which I might if I win my lawsuit against Baylor and my surgeon) I would spend it all there.

It's time to turn in for the night. Mommies tired and her side is hurting. I cannot wait to get this darn drainage tube taken out next Friday. Gosh, do I really have another week to go with it in. I swear I look and feel like a science experiment. It's getting hard to conceal my drainage bag under clothes. I feel like Antwone from the old In Living Color days. Remember how he used to carry that pickle jar around his neck. Ugh!

Later to get some shut eye!


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