Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny....and Tragedy

Let me start with something on the light-hearted side. Tonight, Jason, Luke and I were folding clothes. Mostly Luke's folding consisted of flapping the clothes in the air (like you would a towel to get it straight before folding). Either way he was SO proud of his folding abilities and we praised him as always. As we were "folding" we would say, who's shirt is this and Luke would say, "Daddy's". We'd say, "Good job, that's right it is Daddy's shirt!". Well...he got to a pair of mommy's panties. He "folded" them and we said what are these and who's are these? To which he replied, "Those are Mommies big BOY pants!" I couldn't help but laugh....

Now on a very serious note. My sister emailed me yesterday with a very tragic story. The reason I'm relaying it to you, is because I think this family could use as many prayers as can be lifted up for them.

There was a girl that Brooke went to highschool with. Her name was Jordan. She was one of the "popular" crowd, always dressed in the trendiest clothes and hanging with the "right" friends whatever that means. Hey, it was highschool! She was found dead on Thurs. from an apparent drug overdose. A lethal combination of 24 Vicodin, Ambien sleeping pills and an antibiotic.

Evidently, in the years since highschool she struggled with deep depression and had problems with sticking to her prescribed dose of prescription medications. She had a very young daughter, London (4 years old) who is to start kindergarten tomorrow. London went to wake mommy up on Thurs. morning and could not wake her. She ran next door to the neighbors, who dialed 911. The EMT/Ambulance showed up, but Jordan was already dead. An autopsy is being performed.

Ironically, just last week another friend of Brooke's, Aimee (who is a Dallas Firefighter) came upon a car accident where a car had jumped the curb and hit a street sign. Aimee of course, being a firefighter rendered aid only to find out it was their friend from highschool, Jordan.

Apparently, there had been 3 calls to 911 that people thought she was a drunk driver. Aimee asked her if she'd taken anything before driving and she said no, but didn't even know where she was and could give no phone numbers for Aimee to call for someone to come pick her up. The cops showed up and hauled Jordan to jail because she failed a sobriety test. You can imagine Aimee's surprise while reading the obit's this week when she see's Jordan's name.

After attending the funeral Aimee stopped by Jordan's house to drop off a card. Jordan's husband Rich invited Aimee in the house. They exchanged stories of Jordan's depression, etc....Evidently, the night Aimee responded to the car accident Jordan has taken an Ambien (sleeping pill) and it had kicked in before she got home.

Long story short London said to Aimee, "Actually my mom died". Pulled a flower out of an arrangement from the funeral and gave it to Aimee. So sad. London starts kindergarten tomorrow as does every Texas elementary school child. Jordan was never able to see her little girl off to her first day of school. Rich is now left without a wife and a young daughter to raise on is own. London is left with no mommy.

This story just touched my heart and made me so sad. You never know the personal demons one faces on a daily basis, EVEN if everything looks perfect on the outside. Please pray for this family, as I'm sure it is going to be a long journey for them. My prayer is that Jordan knew the Lord and is finally resting in peace. I'll leave you with that.


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This is so sad. I'll be praying for this family.