Friday, April 20, 2007

Luke's new hairdo....and "Pomas" of course...

Today has been interesting...To start off I've been having a severe reaction to my antibiotic to include almost passing out at the store. So, I'm working with my Dr. to get some new drugs called in to the pharmacy to rid my left lung of this fluid.
As you can see Luke looks cute as ever with his new hairdo. He also wanted you to see his "Pomas" (Thomas) the train He loves his train. You'd think we gave him a ferrari. Oh the little things. Anyway...Luke's cough seems to be getting better for day 3 of antibiotics.
Let me rant a minute about something I find ironic. As most of you know Jason's company recently merged with CVS pharmacy. Funny how I had to get 2 prescriptions filled at WALGREEN'S today because CVS didn't have the avail. drugs. As long as I don't end up in the hospital with another lung surgery I'll be happy.
Update on my friend Kjrsti's twins delivery. She is still pregnant and the Dr.'s are trying to keep the babies in there a little longer. She's 34 wks and they would like her to keep em' cooking one more week. One of the babies currently weighs 5lbs. and the other 4lbs. I know that they'll be fine. She's hoping that when she has them that she will be able to leave the hospital with both babies and forego the NICU altogether. That is my prayer for her. Please keep the Latham family in your prayers.

That's it folks!


Trina said...

Hey girl! So that I do not become a blogger disgrace, I updated my blog today. Give me some grace, girlie! Love you!

Kirtus and Dana said...

I've forgoten that Luke and Morgan are close in age. I hope you get better soon. No more surgeries for you, please! I'll keep you in my prayers. The Crud is just not fun this time of year. I've updated my blog...take a's nothing special...but it's updated. Have a great weekend.

Heather said...

Dana-email me the link to your blog. Thanks.

Amber said...

I'm so glad Lukey is doing better. I hope you get better real soon. NO MORE hospital visits!! So far, Kjrsti is hanging in there!! Nothing new with her and that is good....

Kirtus and Dana said...

I looked in my email but can't seem to find your new email.
Here is my email and the link to my blog.

Or click on this link

It is a bit boring...but I'm trying to keep it updated more often these days.
Hope you new anti-biotics are helping you get better.