Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Loving "Pomas" and the "Bike-kick-cle" trailer...

Well, little Winkerbean is LOVING his new "Pomas" (Thomas) the train. He played with it and the tracks ALL DAY LONG yesterday. In fact, at one point I heard him talking to the tracks and he said, "Hey guys, there's a train up ear"....It was too precious for words.

He also bombarded Daddy the minute he walked in the door from work with this request, "Wanna ride bike-kick-cle". So they went for about a 30 minute ride through our neighborhood. They look so cute out there doing the male bonding thing as they ride.

Nothing new to report other than we enjoyed the pretty weather today. Tuesday it's supposed to be rainy. Imagine that, a totally opposite weather pattern just one day apart from a beautiful day. It's Texas, what else can ya say.

Oh, both Luke and I are trying to fight off a cough. We better **not** have caught what Poppa and Beau Bo had.

**denotes** shaking of fists!!!

Later taters,


Amber said...

I hope ya'll don't have the crud either!! Drink lots of water!! Get this monster of a bug out of your system fast. It won't like you, trust me.

Amber said...