Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another sicko in the house...

I made my trip to the Dr. today. Chest xray reveals a little fluid on my left lung (the one they did surgery on that had collapsed) My Dr. prescribed a strong antibiotic $4 per pill and an antihistamine. Please pray it will irradicate the lung fluid. I do NOT want to go back to the hospital for anymore surgeries.

Luke got a haircut tonight and it looks so cute. I'll take some pic's tomorrow and post them.

Also, my sweet hubby surprised me tonight with a new purse. I very rarely get surprised because I ask enough questions to get the answers but he totally surprised me. Thank you baby. I love the purse. You are so thoughtful.

Tomorrow is Friday and there is a good chance that my friend Kjrsti will be delivering her twins. She was having heavy contractions today and is in the hospital tonight. Please pray with me for Kylie and Tyler to make a smooth entrance into this world. Kjrsti has been bed ridden for like 12 + weeks with this pregnancy. I am so excited for her and Kyle.

That's all folks!



Blueeyes said...

Please let me know how Kjrsti is doing. I have been praying for her since I found out she was pregnant!

Blueeyes said...

Sorry, I'm a bad friend! I wanted to add.....I hope you get better too! I love ya bunches! How's Luke?