Thursday, November 23, 2006

What I'm thankful for...(not a comprehensive list)

This Thanksgiving I'm reflecting on the many things God has blessed me with. This by no means is a comprehensive list. Just the top things that popped in my head this Turkey Day morning. These are NOT in order of importance, rather a random grouping.
  1. My salvation (ok that one IS the most important)
  2. My husband and son
  3. My new niece Emery Kate who is currently 4 lbs. 8 oz.--She's a miracle!
  4. My family both Mine and Jason's side
  5. Friends who support me and love me unconditionally. I've got a great group of friends.
  6. Our new house---no stairs and a smaller mortgage payment
  7. Faith Creations, LLC and all that it's evolving into
  8. My upcoming weight loss surgery--Yes, I know this'll be my last BIG turkey dinner But....just wait until you see how skinny and non-diabetic I am NEXT turkey day.
  9. My church--I just love that God lead us to Four Corners Church
  10. Canon Rebel camera's...although I don't have mine yet Santa...I'm anticipating taking lots of awesome pic's around Christmas Day (hint, hint)
  11. My Pokeno getting together with the girls once a month for our little game
  12. That my dad is in heaven, no more Alzheimer's, no more dementia
  13. That my cousin Ty is in heaven and doesn't have cancer any more
  14. Ebay-I'm having so much fun selling stuff on there
  15. My creative talents and gifts God has blessed me with
  16. That I've discovered Arbonne's clay masque, etc. It's like a face lift in a bottle.
  17. Health for myself and all that I love
  18. A down comforter--I love how warm it keeps me
  19. That my son will crawl in bed with me and say, "Hi Momma" and then lean in to kiss me.
  20. Blogs so I can keep up with the goings-on in all my peeps life
  21. That my sister and Michael are about to get to bring Em home in the next couple weeks
  22. Garage door openers...can you imagine having to get out of the car and manually open it every time you want to enter
  23. Baby Wipes...they can clean up anything
  24. The Macy Thanksgiving day's a family watching tradition only Mom's on an airplane this morning flying to KY.
  25. Lots, lots more.....too many to list.

Yes, there are more but it's time to go watch he parades.

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Trina said...

Hi girl! I love your list! I too am very grateful for many of the same things on your list! Like my great friends like you! How is your faith creations business? I will be praying for you this next week as you get ready for surgery day. And how do you add other people's blogs to your blog as a link? Still learning.... Check my blog for pics. Love you!