Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here's the skinny....The Last Supper...

My surgery time has been moved to 9am tomorrow instead of 7am. Thanks for all of you who've called, emailed, told me you are going to be praying for me. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I have no hesitation whatsoever that this is the best decision for me. Tomorrow the hard part will be over and life will be forever altered--in a good way though!

I just thought ya'll would like to know what I had for "The Last Supper". I had a hankering for Schlotzky's tonight so I had their deluxe (double meat) original sandwich on sourdough with no mustard and no onion. Followed by a Sonic orange creamsicle slush. Ummmmm, Umm. Oh, I forgot I also ate a couple Keebler gingerbreadman cookies.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning. I want to thank my good friend Brenda for calling me and telling me that she is "sacrificially" going to eat a steak for me tonight, along with a baked potato loaded and a house salad with ranch dressing. So glad to see that my friends are always SO ACCOMMODATING!

Well...it's off to bed for me. 4am will come mighty early...I have to pack my overnight bag, shower, shave and paint my toenails in the morning. It's wierd not having Luke here tonight. He's staying at Poppa and Nana's for a couple days.

Thanks for your prayers. I will have Jason update this blog tomorrow and will try to keep my cell phone on in my hospital rm. if you want to call for updates.

Love to all,

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