Monday, July 10, 2006

Speaking of cowboys....

I have to brag on my best friend Heather for a minute. She designed, drew and painted this Woody (from Toy Story) mural on her son Hudson's room. She is SO very talented. You ask her to draw anything and she can do it. You should see the posters she designed for our VBS craft room. Nothing short of exquisite.

Now, because Heather is a very humble person and would never brag on herself, I am going to do it!

She did an awesome job and God has blessed her with a creative talent. I told her that I think she could definitely have a lucrative side business if she wanted to. Also, this might be an area where God can use her to serve others.

Hat's off to you Miss. Creativity. you really did a great job and I know Hud's going to love it. much do you charge an hour? (wink)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you and YES, I am cringing of embarrasement! I do love to draw and paint. I do most things freehand but for something this big, I used a projector to help me outline. Then, I filled in and painted myself. So, I can't take all of the credit....anybody can do that! - H.L.

Amber said...

I'm still in AHH about the painting. I need to hire Mrs. H1 for Beau's room. Man- I can not believe how awesome of a job that is. So Cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific talent. I am very impressed. I know Hudson will be thrilled. Great job.