Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pony Party......Pigs=Disgusting...Tire horse swing

Make sure you double click the group photo so you can really see Luke's face good. Priceless!

Today we went to Luke's friend Greyson's 3rd birthday party. He had a pony party at the Frisco Pony Park. Let me say it was fun, but sweating in 90 degree heat while 2 & 3 year olds try to bust open a pinata is a beating.

Luke cryed most of the time because he didn't want to wear the cowboy hat and bandana that Greyson gave everyone as party favors, he was scared of the pony and screamed when we tried to put him on it (think Santa Claus and Easter Bunny screams). Then in the petting zoo he cried because the goat kept trying to eat his shorts. When we finally went inside for hotdogs he cried because he wanted to go back "Coutside" (outside). He was suffering from a serious heat rash. Red splotches all over his cheeks, arms, legs....
Jason and I had to keep chasing him around because he wouldn't listen to ANYTHING we told him. The only time he acted like he was remotely having a good time was when we just let him roam around on his own and when he rode the tire horse swing. The rest of the kids are playing together in the play/dining room and Luke is in the corner messing with the microwave buttons. I usually never complain about my son, but today he really was a handful. Welcome terrible 2's. Now go away.

Now, for my next rant. Did you know pigs eat mud. I'm never eating another strip of bacon or ham. Those animals are DISGUSTING!!!! With a capital D. Later taters.


Anonymous said...

Lukey was precious at the Pony Party! It was very, very hot though; I was sweating buckets! I thought all 3 boys were adorable! -H1

Anonymous said...

You will never have to be concerned that Luke would want to be a cowboy. His expressions are priceless.


Brooke said...

My sweet boy sure doesn't like the horseys does he. I love the one of him and Shep and Hud! So cute!

Kirtus and Dana said...

Things can't get as good as this. Your son is so cute I just want to give him a bug hug. It's too bad I live so far from Dallas. I just quit my job to stay home with my little ones. I can't stand being away from them any longer. Yes, pigs are gross but did not know they ate the mud too. I knew they liked the mud to keep cool...but didn't know they actually ate it. YUCK!!