Friday, September 12, 2008

Viva new tattoo...

Our awesome rental car........NOT! We had a Hyundai...but it was nice too (Tammy)!
Welcome to Nashville Airport.
Legend's Corner bar...all the country greats past/present have played here.
My sweetie, Jason
The new Ryman Auditorium...home of the current Grand Ole Opry.
The old Ryman Auditorium...home of the previous Grand Ole Opry.
Famous Honky Tonk...The Stage...we saw Nashville Star contestant Matt Mason there on Wed. night. I got his cd, he autographed it and even asked me to take his tip jar around to patron's.
World Famous Tootsie's bar on Broadway...we saw Nashville Star finalist Melanie Torres there.
All dolled up, with somewhere to go. We had a blast.
Me before we went out on the town in Nashville, TN.
Gage doing the outlining first...then the fill in.
Me right before Gage started my tattoo.
The tattoo really didn't hurt. Just felt like a bad sunburn.
Gage (my tattoo artist) and I post-tattoo. He did an awesome job. Thanks Gage
My First says, "Faith".

We just returned from a 3 day 11th anniversary trip to Nashville, TN. We went there on our 1 year anniversary and because of a scheduled biz trip that Jason had, we got to spent our 11 year anniversary there too. We love Nashville. I could so move there. It's pretty, clean and lots of fun sights and sounds. We had a blast hitting Broadway's many honky tonks. The highlight of my trip was getting a tattoo. I've been wanting to do it for awhile and finally had the guts to do it. It didn't hurt, just felt like a really bad sunburn. So, now I have "Faith" on my foot. It really looks cool. Although, I know tattoos aren't for everyone, I like mine. Jason and I got to meet Matt Mason and Melanie Torres both Nashville Star contestants from years past. They both sang awesome. We had fun eating out, having yummy homemade icecream on Broadway and taking in the sights, sounds and spirits (and I don't mean ghosts).
Thank you to my best friend Heather for watching Luke for us and for Nana and Poppa as well. It was nice to get away, relax and enjoy each other. P.S. I KNOW I need a pedicure. Have to wait until the tattoo heals first.



Blueeyes said...

You got a tattoo....(I'm bowing down to you right now)...I have always wanted a little tattoo on my shoulder blade, but I'm a BIG wuss!
I am glad you had fun in Nashville! Happy Anniversary to one of the Sweetest Couples I know!

Hugs & Love, BlueEyes

katkohn23 said...
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katkohn23 said...

Watch Out! Once you've got one, you can never stop! If I had more invisible spots on my body, I'd be covered in tatoos!

Amber said...

It seems that ya'll had a blast! So glad you were able to get away and enjoy each other. Pretty tat! Toes don't look bad....Luke got to go to playdate with us on Friday morning......Beau was so sad when he had to leave to go see Granna!

Perez Family Spot said...

Okay...awesome tattoo!! Glad I got to see it up close. Told you it wouldn't hurt! It's like having a baby. Hurts then you forget about it. My next tattoo?? Heart with wings and crown!!! Now I just have to find the perfect one. Cool pix. Glad ur back.

BTW, You don't have to get a pedicure to get a polish change....

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I am sooo proud of you sister!!
Now, will you come hold my hand when i get mine?

Did it hurt?
Top of my foot is MY plan,'s a celtic symbol for TRINITY!

Anonymous said...

I love your tat!!! You are so brave. I've heard it hurts so bad on the top of the foot. Now, I'm wondering if I should get one too. I've been thinking about it for years. I really like it. I'm glad Jason and you got a chance for some 1 on 1 time. I remember when you went to Nashville your 1st anniversary!!! Glad you had a good time!!! Nashville...ROCKS!


a mom serving her 2 kids! said...

Okay, I REALLY want a tattoo on my foot and I have always been told that is the worst place to get one and will really hurt. I am glad to hear from someone first hand that it isn't so bad! Will you come to Iowa and keep me calm while I get mine? :) LOVE IT!

tripntwinmom said...

Yippee! You got a tattoo! I ahve several and just have to warn you that they are VERY addicting. You are VERY brave to get one on your foot first as that is one of the most painful places...

Happy Anniversary. Looks like you had a blast!

My Happy Fami-Lee! said... jealous. You popped your cherry tattoo without me. I have always wanted one. We will have to get Ole Blue Eyes and have a girls night out and go do one together. After a few margaritas that is....

The Iveys said...

Girl, you are brave! I faint at the sight of needles! For REALZ!!! Ask my husband, I am such a wuss! I love the tat though! Happy 11th Anniversary too!

Emily said...

Love the tatoo! Of course I think you got it in a perfect place too!;)

Mark and Bridget said...

Hey, awesome tattoo! The top of the foot totally hurts, you must have a high tolerance. Mrs. Lee, I want in on that girl's night too. I've been wanting another!