Monday, September 22, 2008


Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Emery. I can hardly believe it was two years ago already that our family was blessed with the miracle of Emery Kathryn.

You were a fighter from the beginning. Born 3 mos. premature at 1 lb. 9oz. and 12 inches long. You were tiny...a micro-preemie is what they called you. You spent your first 74 days of life in the care of the NICU of the Univ. of Kentucky hospital. You had so many great nurses and doctors.

Your mommy and daddy came to see you every day. It was so hard to see you with all your wires, electrodes, tubes, etc...You are a miracle. Absolutely a perfect child, no setbacks or delays of any sort. God had you in his hand the whole time and he continues to make you strong.

Even though we don't get to see you nearly as often as we wish, you are never far from our thoughts. Luke asks about Emery "baby" all the time. He loves his cousin so much. I wish we could all be together for your birthday but distance prevents that. At least GranDee is there "representing" the rest of us. Eat lots of cake. We love you sweet girl. You're growing into a fine little young lady.

Cuzzin Luke, Aunt Heather and Uncle Jason


Brooke said...

That is so very sweet of you! She loves her Aunt Heather, Uncle Jason and Lukey so much. Even though many miles seperate us, we talk about yall all the time and she knows who you are! Love you!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Emery! You are adorable and you are growing up WAY too fast!! Love you!

tripntwinmom said...

Beautiful baby girl!

A miracle indeed!