Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Choosing to look at the positive side...

Regarding yesterdays ER visit. I got right in, didn't have to wait. Really nice nurse, Esther who empathized with my pain and got me drugs REALLY quickly. Nothing says lovin' like a shot of Dilaudid. Had xrays and CT scan. Both times the person who was my transport person to/from xray's name was Blessing. He was too.

CT scans noted small area of fluid buildup under the diaphraghm. My regular Dr. called me late last night to discuss the test findings. After discussing my specific case with the interventional radiologists all seem to think that the area of concern (1 x 2 CM) is too small to try to drain surgically.

I've been put on a strong course of antibiotics, which I'm praying will dissolve the fluid, thus eliminating the pain. Of course I have been given something to take the edge off too. And let me tell ya, there IS an edge.

I'm thankful that it wasn't more serious. Sometimes, I have the tendency to expect the worse given my past medical history over the last year. But, God is faithful, HE hears your prayers so keep em' coming will ya!

Oh, and another added bonus I had 4 nurses oohing and ahhing over my Luke pendant. They all took my business cards and said they'd be calling to place an order.

So, who said a trip to the ER is ALL BAD??? It's REALLY GOOD FOR BUSINESS~



Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

Maybe you could think of another way to drum up business, though?! :)

Perez Family Spot said...

I can show you next time we get together how to do the background. SUPER easy. I hope you feel better SOON!! Tristan is home tommorrow, so bring Luke early if you want to. I will be "cleaning" all day. I just want you to be better, sista!! So anything I can do to make you better, let me know. Love ya!!

Blueeyes said...

Thank God you are okay!

tripntwinmom said...

I am so glad that there was something good to come out a bad day...

Michelle said...

Stay outta the hospital!

Sorry I didn't send a note sooner!!

But they say - a positive always comes out of a negative - I bet by summer's end ALL the nurses will be wearing your original designs!!!