Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Roundup...Texas Style

You know the old saying, "Everything is BIGGER in Texas"....well it's true! Luke built a train track for his trains during the "Super Voel" as he called it. Let's just say he had no boundaries when it came to where the train stopped and the kitchen table began...No boundaries=Bigger track. Hence, the phrase: "Everything's bigger in Texas".

Yesterday, Luke and daddy headed out to Home Depot for their monthly Father/Son work project. If your family hasn't done this you need to check into it--IT'S FREE. Home Depot sponsors a "do it yourself" fun project for kids and their parents. They provide all the supplies, an orange Home Depot for the kids to wear and little "accomplishment" pin's to attach to their aprons for finishing that project (kinda like Boy Scout merit badges). It's a great time for your little one to bond with Daddy OR Mommy. This months project was making a football Super Bowl step stool. Oh, I forgot to mention they also get a certificate of recognition after completing the project too. Luke always has a blast. He likes to hammer, nail and stick stickers on stuff. This kills many birds with one stone and Daddy and him get to have some male bonding time. It's really a cool thing to take your kids to. You pay nothing, like I said it's FREE. Free=Zero Buckos. Luke was so excited that he got to use the hammer like "Handy Manny". (tv show for you non-kid folks)

I did take a little time off this weekend from creating any jewelry, but I have a full jewelry- making schedule ahead for this week. I just love creating..well, ya'll already know that. Check back tomorrow for more "creations" pictures.

Hope ya'll all had a great weekend, we sure did. Oh, and it was 75F here today. I was in a tank top and shorts...Sorry to all your Northerner's that are braving blizzards right now.



Julie said...

I used to like you before your 75 degrees/tank top and shorts comment...just kidding!!

It's actually supposed to get up to 50 here in MI either today or tomorrow. WHOO-HOO - heat wave!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

You have a future engineer on your hands!!LOVEIT!
Can't wait to see those new creations!

Kirtus and Dana said...

It's 80 here in San Antonio!! Love It!! Kids asked if they could go swimming.
Luke looks more and more like you every time I see a picture of him. Love your creations too. Sorry, I've been slow about responding and stuff...but I'm back home now. I updated my blog and changed the color and put new music on it too.

Aimee said...

We've always meant to try the Home Depot thing but haven't gotten around to it...I think I'll check in to that right now and try to put something on the calendar for Brady and Daddy! Thanks for the great reminder!!!

Hugs, Aimee

PS Your creations are so cute!!!