Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Roundup....Rice-a-roni-style...

On the "shovel" guitar we have Lukey Sambora, and singing lead vocals on the "flashlight" microphone we have BeauJovi. (Please notice the t.v. in the background shows them singing Bon Jovi's hit "Bad Medicine". They were jamming to the 80's music channel.)
After the musician's put down their instruments they decided that they would sing, Two Little Monkies jumping on the bed.....accapella. They actually sang the song while they jumped on the airmattress. And who said males couldn't multitask....not I!

Donuts and Disney....Too many donuts and chocolate milk lead to the above vocal performances. But wouldn't Mickey Mouse be proud of his protege's...

Weekend roundup! Low-key family time. Cuzzin Beau and Auntie spent the night on Friday and we had a fun time together. The boys got to play puzzles, ride rocking horses, sleep in the Lightening McQueen tent (for about 30 minutes), eat donuts, jump on the airmattress and sing a few music sets with their "instruments". Auntie got to get caught up on scrapbooking and I got to "create" some pendants. Oh, I almost forgot it stormed here really bad on Sat. morning. Hail at 6:30AM jolted us out of bed, so much fun getting up that early on a Sat. morning. You peeps out there reading my blog without munchkins have no idea how spoiled you are getting to sleep past 7am. on weekends...oh the good ole' days.

Hope everyone has a great week and that my dear friends Tammy and Cami have great birthdays. Love you both.

Carol Ann, got your email and am glad the "acne fairy" necklace is such a hit.

Off to design....

Heather Rice


Julie said...

That first picture is the best - LOVE the shovel guitar and flashlight mic!

I know what you mean about sleeping in - I feel like I'm in heaven if I get to sleep all the way through the night, and if I get to "sleep in" until 6:30, I'm pretty thrilled!!!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

hey girlie!
sounds like your weekend was a blast - love Lukey Sambora...I am his groupie!!!

Did you get my email about the FLIPCUP PRINCESS charm?