Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cute conversation with Luke....and shopping info.

This weekend while daddy was away at a men's retreat with church Luke randomly asked me when Jesus was going to be done with your new house in heaven. I laughed and said since it was so big it would take a long time for him to build it. He said ok, and was fine with my explanation.

This morning at the crack-o-dawn he jumped in bed with me and said he needed to look outside to see if the sun had come up. He leaped to the window and quickly told me, "Mommy, the sun is up and Jesus needs to get busy building our house". I thought it was so cute.

Today brought another fun experience.....ANOTHER trip to the ENT. If you recall Luke had his 2nd set of ear tubes in Feb, tonsils and adenoid's out in July and now he has to have a 3rd set of tubes because his 2nd set have already fallen out. Long story short, Monday is the big surgery day. Oh, what fun! He's fine with it, in fact he likes going to the hospital because he likes blowing up the latex gloves into what he calls, "Glove balloons" aka....Mickey Mouses air balloon. Supposedly, these tubes are one's that can't fall out, but rather have to be surgically removed at a later date.......we'll see. I'm hoping so. This little boy has had too many ear infections in his short little life.

I wanted to let ya'll know about the "mom-prenuer shopathon button" to the right. If you are looking for some cute Christmas presents made by stay at home mom's like myself please click on the link and check out all the different categories of items for sale. It's not all jewelry. There are a large selection of vendors from many different categories. I'm featured in the jewelry section and am offering 10% off any order to Tip Junkie readers(that's the blog you'll go to if you click on the button to the right) So, shop till you drop and support mom-preneur businesses for all your holiday shopping.

I have added some new bubble photo pendants to the website so check those out too: www.faithcreations.shutterfly.com

Have a blessed day!


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